Take the Bus to Work!!!!

Dale O from Iowa jumped on board the bus and brought with him a wonderful suggestion. Don’t forget to check out your company’s policy on matching donations. Dale’s company matched his Haiti related donation and based on his experience I checked and my company is doing a special matching program for Haiti as well. So check it out!

Andy C from Wisconsin got his bus ticket punched with the donation of time he and his wife used to create and run a successful local food pantry called The Rivers. Their mission statement from the website is:

To bring a message of mercy and hope to those in need by providing nutritional basics and encouragement; to be a unifying, servant hearted and community building expression of Jesus Christ in Madison.

Betsy D from Virginia took a seat on the bus again this year with a Haiti donation through GreaterGood.org. From their website:

We’re committed to making the world a better place by using simple online ways to protect the health and well-being of people, animals and the planet. GreaterGood.org™ partners with and funds leading nonprofit organizations around the world in order to alleviate poverty and hunger, promote peace, address cancer and other widespread health problems, foster literacy and provide education, preserve vital habitats in peril, and provide protection and care to vulnerable animals.