The 2014 B3 “Speed Limit” Extravaganza Tour

One just couldn’t have a “speed limit” birthday without pulling out the backwards birthday bus for a spin!  If you’re new to the B3, here’s how it works.  You get a seat on the bus by contributing a bit of good work to make the world a better place.  Those contributions can come as donations of money or time, as pointers for others towards cool new ways to give back to our communities and our world.  Drop me an e-mail, send me a link, make a donation, volunteer some time. Get your ticket to the 2014 B3 “speed limit” tour punched!

First on the bus this year is Stephanie M, Cuz once removed, for her girl scout cookies/food pantry combo in which she takes orders for cookies that are then delivered to her local food pantry!  Welcome aboard Steph and take a front seat!

If you’re casting about for way to climb aboard, the sponsored charity of the 2014 B3 “Speed Limit” Extravaganza Tour is Habitat for Humanity.  Browse on over and drop a Lincoln, a Jackson, or even a Big Ben on them or take a look at their volunteering guide for other ways to pitch in.  As always, the tour won’t go on forever so don’t wait to get your ticket!

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