On-line pointers!

The birthday bus continues to wind its way toward March 25. New notes from folks climbing on the bus keep coming in.

Fran N gets a seat on the bus for her note on turning shopping into a work of charity. There are a number of venues that either affiliate with merchants directly and have the merchants share a slice of their profits with the charity you designate. Igive.com and shopthecause.com are both examples. There are also sites directly related to charitable giving such as justgiving.org or justgive.org where you can pick a charity or setup your own page to collect money for a cause. If you want to filter through all the options, a site like charitynavigator.org gives reviews and ranking information on various charitable causes on-line and otherwise.

Brooke G has a seat on the bus for her idea I’m stealing for my next house party. Every time she has a party at her place, she has a box at the front door and collects non-perishables for the local food pantry. A very direct and low admin overhead way of doing good!

Getting your seat on the bus is really easy. Just send me a note on your favorite mode of doing good, be it volunteering, donating, or perhaps even full-time work!

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