Nepotism on the Bus? It’s TRUE!!!!!!!

My cuz Carol reports in with donations to a special collection at her church for the Mennonite Central Committee efforts in Haiti. Might have to get a second bus for all the good parishioners, but that’s a good thing. And just to make sure the family theme is complete, Mom called to report in on a monthly donation to MCC in general!

As our friends and bus partners from the Mississippi Gulf Coast know, the work and recovery needs remain a long time after the media frenzy begins to fade. The Haitian people will need our love and support for quite a while. Please consider giving to MCC or any other outreach that helps make the world a better place. It’s a fun trip and we’ll be on the road for another couple of months so plenty of time to get your ticket punched! All it takes is an e-mail calling out a donation of money, time, goods or some other creative contribution.

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