Time to Do More than Polish the Fenders

Earlier this year I was considering getting the bus ready for another run sometime in March, but responding to the earthquake in Haiti didn’t seem to be something to be patient about. So the bus is warmed up and rolling. Please jump aboard. The only ticket is to give of your time or money or any other creative way you can think to give.

This year’s focus is Haiti, but as you read the various entries you see there are lots of way to participate. Pick one that suits you! Drop me an e-mail and I’ll give your charity some e-airtime!

It seems like we can’t talk about donating without talking about fraud. Each of the links here has been provided by folks I know and I trust they’re not scammers… at least not this way :-).

So to kick off this year’s round, I’m calling out the good folks at the Mennonite Central Committee. The Mennonite Church has a long history of showing up early and staying late at disasters around the globe and providing effective relief and support. Their work in Haiti is my birthday spotlight cause. From their website:

Haiti Earthquake
Your financial gift today will help meet the immediate and long term needs of people who have been affected by the earthquake.

MCC released an initial $100,000 (U.S.) or $103,420 (Cdn.) on Wednesday for immediate relief. Ron Flaming, director of International Programs, anticipates a multimillion dollar response over a number of years, focusing on rebuilding.

MCC is sending 1,000 water filters as soon as possible and will provide short- and long-term trauma care for Haitians and MCC staff.

“I’m sure water will be a significant problem,” said Yoder-Bontrager. “Most people in Haiti are self-sufficient with water collection systems, but at this point those systems are leaking water and not working.”

The need for trauma care is a given, considering the overwhelming loss of life and the experience of being in a large earthquake, he said. MCC has experience providing trauma care in many places around the world, including Haiti, as recently as 2008 when the island was hit by four hurricanes in one year.

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