Who will think of the children?

Well, it seems folks on the bus are. 

These things seem to come in clusters and this week’s cluster is the various organizations that allow one to “foster” a child stuck in poverty somewhere around the world. In the last few weeks I’ve run across two absolutely amazing stories regarding folks who started out sponsoring a child almost on a whim and ended up with a life long relationship of sometimes stunning poignancy. The stories are so intimate that I don’t feel proper just posting them myself, but KM and AW know the good work they’ve done and if you’re looking for a monthly contribution to get on a roll, World Vision and Save The Children are both organizations with an established track record. Appropriate in some way with Mother’s Day approaching.

In a related note, there’s an emerging thread of fighting terrorism through better education. One example is the Kashmir Family Aid non-profit. Seems a bit focused on the Muslim side of the world, even if the Texas and Kansas State Boards of Education could use a little help with their extremist thinking.  Regardless of one’s political, religious or scientific beliefs, I’m thinking education is one of those “do good” imperatives.

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