The Bus Gets Water Wings and Goes to Ireland

So I thought I’d pulled the backwards birthday bus into the garage, but it seems to have acquired a mind of it’s own, put on the old water wings and headed over to Ireland.  This is comes through a certified Backward Buser, Suzanne P, and though the Great Ireland Run was last weekend, it’s not too late to throw a bit into the bucket.  I think the e-mail stream says it all:

From: Nev Ross
Sent: Monday, April 06, 2009 6:12 AM
To: Nev Ross
Subject: A big Thank You! to all who sponsored me in The Great Ireland Run which took place yesterday.

Hi all,

I just want to say a very big Thank You! to all that sponsored me in the great Ireland run which took place yesterday. So far I have raised €2,005 and I know a few more of you have said you would be sticking a few euro down this week. Here is the link again I have the left the site open for another few days.

So how did yesterday go? Apart form a delayed start and the number of walkers who decided to start up the front instead of at the back it went well, I was aiming for around 65mins but it look me around 70mins (waiting on official number to be supplied based on electronic tag) I have to blame the walkers for slowing down the first couple of km and the fact those hills in the last 4 km were tough on us not so fit people… but I will be back to do it quicker next year. 

I was running along listening to the radio then began to look at all the amazing people around me from young to old and from every county in Ireland and even some from further a field and it really opened my eyes, I would say 90% of the 11,000 people were out doing the same thing as I was, trying to raise funds for organizations\charities that receive either too little or no funding at all. When you see people running to get life saving equipment for a children’s hospital or walking to raise funds for leukemia research it makes you really wonder what have the good years have brought or even bought (by the looks of it not to much). With everything going on in the global economy these organizations are going to be the ones that are hit first and while governments all over the world are saving car manufacturers and banks it will be the needy, and in many cases the people that can’t fight for themselves that will suffer more than most, and are one of the easy targets to cut funding too.

So it was not just about the thousands of people that took part yesterday, it is also about every single person who donated (small or big amounts) to the people that take part in these types of event events all over the country\world on a daily basis. Your donations really do make a difference and I know from time to time everybody gets inundated with donation requests, and I really appreciate the huge support I got to exceed my initial target of €600 by over 3 times. It really made this event even more worthwhile to me and for the CRC which is very close to my family.  

So on behalf of myself and the CRC, I would like to say a huge “Thank You

 A tip for anybody trying to pace themselves in a similar event: “Don’t try to pass the person in front of you, but do try to keep in front of the person behind you”

 Nev Ross 

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  1. Thanks for posting this Byron!

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