Exercising Your Heart (and Soul).

So the big day came and went with no blackest night at noonday, plagues of frogs or anything like that. In fact it was a pretty sweet day and a great wrap up of a month’s worth of celebrating with y’all. As I said in my birthday greeting, this was an unexpectedly moving and reassuring exercise and I don’t see any reason to fold up shop just because the actual birthday has passed.

I’ve got a little backlog of stories and it seems like every post or email generates one or two more stories so I’m going to keep the blog going with more stories, ideas and links for good causes, good works, and good times.

This time around Suzanne P chimed in, recounting her several charity bike rides a summer, with her favorite being the American Lung Association, a three day journey on the cape. Between walks like the one Fran N is doing or the rides like Suzanne’s there are a ton of opportunities for the moderately active to get out and enjoy the outdoors and raise money for their favorite causes. Dust of those running shoes, pump up those bike tires and earn a good buck or two for your favorite charity.

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