Water = Life

Well, the backward birthday bus is almost home. Wednesday’s the big day. Doesn’t mean that it time to stop doing the giving thing. While I’m going to quit harassing my friends with nag mail related to my birthday, I’m going to keep the birthday blog going so if you’ve got some great new idea for helping out others on this journey, please either post it here or send me an email.

The latest, just in, is World Water day. This one comes from Chris B and is focused on providing clean water. He’s going to ramp up a twitter fund raiser. More as I have it.

One Response

  1. This is one of my ‘hot’ buttons.. Think of all the people in the world who do not have clean water to drink. And what do we do? We flush our toilets with potable water; we wash our dirty clothes with potable water, we sprinkle our lawns with potable water–and on and on. In the city of St Pete Fl. they flush recycled street drainage into the Gulf, because nobody will use the water in their homes, yet when we wanted to hook up our sprinklers, laundry and bathrooms, we were not in a ‘reachable’ zone!! How much potable water runs into our drains, while we brush teeth, rinse dishes, and—We have to learn that our careless, dare I say shameful use of potable water for other sources is cheating others of a drink of pure, clean water. Can we somehow find a way to make that a different story? Thanks for this avenue for letting off steam!

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