Link O’Rama!

Wow! I’ve got some really fine friends. Have gotten a flood of great ideas which I’ll continue to post between now and my actual big five-oh. One that really blew me away was a site called that brings the world of micro-finance to the web (o.k. maybe they’re not the first, but they do a pretty good job).

If you haven’t heard of micro-finance, the idea is that many folks stuck in poverty can bootstrap themselves if they could get access to reasonable cost small loans of the kind that large financial institutions won’t consider. Some examples from the Kiva site include a few hundred bucks to start a small market or a fishing net. They pay back the loan (in some cases with interest) which then can be turned around to another loan. Kiva actually lets you take it back once repaid, if that’s what you want. Really cool idea! Thanks Susan K!

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